Sunday, May 16, 2004

Paul Robichaux's Administrator Shortcut Guide To Email Protection available for free

E-mail and security guru Paul Robichaux has just published a new ebook called The Administrator Shortcut Guide to Email Protection. This guide is published by and is available free from Sybari's web site.

This ebook starts out with a basic description and history of viruses and worms, then works in to Outlook client protection and Exchange server protection. Here is what has to say about the ebook.

This eBook will give you critical, need-to-know information to help you properly protect your corporate messaging system from a wide variety of external and internal security threats. Although the book focuses on Microsoft Exchange-based enterprises, the concepts, principles, and methodologies presented within are universally applicable to virtually all messaging platforms. The Administrator Shortcut Guideā„¢ to Email Protection is being authored by messaging industry and Exchange guru Paul Robichaux. Paul provides readers with real-world insights to help them architect secure messaging systems and deal practically with real-world security problems. From virus protection to malware protection, this eBook is a "must read" for anyone involved in securing Exchange and other messaging platforms.

- Jim McBee

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