Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dell 24" Widescreen UltraSharp 2405FPW Flat Panel - Under $1,200!!!

I'm getting chills! I am currently in the market for a new flat panel monitor. I currently have two 19" flat panels using Windows XP's multi-monitor feature. I don't know how I managed to write and research before I had multiple monitors, but I love them!

One of the monitors is going south; it currently takes about 30 minutes to 'warm up' and become usable, so I have been looking. At one of my jobs, I got a spiffy new Dell 20.1" flat panel and had just about decided to get one of those. Then, I started looking at the Samsung 213T wide, flat panel.

However, I have been reading about a new Dell flat panel that is about to come on the market. It is the Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW. This is a 24", wide screen, flat-panel monitor with on onboard media hub (CF, SD, xD, etc...) and a 4-port USB hub. How much? It sounds like it is going to cost around $1,200 (retail). This monitor is supposed to be released around mid-March. More details can be found here.

The real power players at work all have 24" Sun Microsystems flat panels that are VERY nice! Unfortunately, I'm not a power player, so I only get to use one on the lab occasionally. These monitors were costing nearly $4000 a few years ago! So, this is going to change the landscape of the desktop for people that are ready to invest a little more for a monitor.

So, I'm eagerly awaiting this new toy! Hooaah!


At 2:04 PM, Blogger Anonymous Person said...

I just got one on ebay for $989 shipped including tax. These are only going to get cheaper too.


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