Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bizarro Award: The TSA wisely spending our money

An internal audit of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spent almost $500,000 on an awards night including a "lifetime achievement" award for one employee (the agency is 2 years old at the time of the awards banquet in November 2003.) The Inspector General of the TSA found they had spent $64.00 per gallon of coffee, and $81,000 for award plaques. This has been reported numerous times, most recently on

Recently, the TSA has been under fire for blatantly improper expenditures such as art consultants, silk plants, cable TV, and a 4,200 square-foot fitness center.

All of these perks, and a Department of Homeland Security report indicates that safety has not improved at US airports. Despite the fact that they add an additional 10 - 45 minute delay at the metal detector, make me take my shoes, jacket, and belt off. And thank heavens I don't accidentally carry on nail clippers with a nail file or more than three extra AA batteries! The republic could crumble. Oh the horror!


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