Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Creating a "catch all" mailbox in Exchange

I have been meaning to 'blog this for a long time, but keep putting it off. I see this question a lot in the newsgroups and I even covered it in my Exchange 2003 24seven book (go out and buy the darned thing for heaven's sake!)

Situation: You want to direct all incoming mail for a specific domain name (or all unresolved mail) to a specific mailbox. You can do this now by specifying a mailbox to which you can forward all NDR'ed mail. However, the NDR is still issued to the sender. What you need is typically called a catch all (or catchall or catch-all) mailbox.

Microsoft published a KB article called How To Create a Catchall Mailbox Sink For Exchage 2000 that is helpful, but it catches everything. Someone (I don't know which clever person to give credit to on this) took Microsoft's script from KB 324021 and modified it and put it here at Event Sink-baesd Catch All Mailbox including Active Directory User Lookups.

However, there is a company called TurboGeeks that created a product called MailBasketMD that does exactly what I have wanted it to do in small business where they want to catch everything sent to a specific domain even if there is not an explicit mailbox. It is very configurable and VERY affordable. It costs $95.00 per server and that is dirt cheap when you compare it to the neat things it does, the trouble involved in installing your own event sinks, and the quality of the application. They even have a 30 day trial you can download.


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