Thursday, October 20, 2005

Be an Exchange Insider

The folks that work in Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) have seen it all! They have a tremendous amount of knowledge of the inner workings of Exchange and how it behaves in all manner of different circumstances; their knowledge is probably as good as the folks working in the Exchange Product Group. Much of this information is documented and published internally, but in a "raw" format that is not easily publicly disseminated. For example, the information may not have step-by-step instructions, have been edited for typos or grammatical mistakes, or even formatted to be "readable".

A lot of folks might say "just publish it anyway", but when you become a larger company like Microsoft, you have to stand by the information you produce and publish on your web site so casually written material often does not stand up to the scrutinity of the general public. That is why I like blogging; I can disseminate something really quickly without editorial oversight (for better or worse). And, if you follow this blog, then you know that typos and grammar don't stop me from clicking the Publish Post button. :-)

PSS is now pushing to get this knowledge in to a format that is acceptable published to the Microsoft web site. There is a new Exchange TechCenter section called Exchange Insider. Keep checking back to this site because over the next month or two, I expect a lot of their internal goodies to be cleaned up and published!


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