Friday, January 27, 2006

Exchange admin job in Dallas-Fort Worth area

Hi all, I received a messages this morning from a headhunter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area looking for an Exchange 2000 guru for a position. Below is the text. While I don't normally pay much attention to this type of thing, there is a referral fee if one of my readers is qualified and gets the job, so I figured I would try and be greedy. If you are interested, send me your resume to exchange24seven (at) and I'll pass your information along.

MS Exchange Experts’ responsibilities include:
Managing the entire Exchange 2000 network for a 240 gigabyte email database
Designing, implementing, and maintaining the processes surrounding the network architecture and any pertinent issues involving the Exchange environment
Leading the firm through a migration to Exchange 2003
Clustering the network, including clustering the disaster recovery site
Creating redundancy everywhere in the environment including: enhancing network backbone switches, setting up VLANs, and creating internet mail redundancy over the firm’s two internet connections.
Fine tuning the firm’s recently purchased hardware mail gateways and making related network architecture changes for better mail flow
Optimizing the firm’s Exchange database configuration
Enhance mail flow monitoring to help isolate slowdowns and proactively eliminate them

The successful candidate will have had:
A demonstrated level of expertise in all areas of Microsoft Exchange servers.
A demonstrated track record of business decision-making.
A reputable undergraduate education.
A proven record of IT leadership


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