Sunday, September 03, 2006

Misconception moment: Exchange 2007 and Forefront Security for Exchange

The Exchange 2007 hype is in full swing. I have read a couple of articles that imply that Forefront Security for Exchange (formerly known as Sybari Antigen) is included with Exchange 2007. First, anti-spam solutions ARE included and can be run from the Edge Server role or from the Hub Transport role.

Second, Forefront Security for Exchange is only included with Exchange 2007 if you have purchased Exchange Enterprise Client Access Licenses (CALs). Pricing for the Enterprise CALs have not yet been announced.

Finally, the Edge Server role is NOT required for Exchange 2007. You can continue to use whatever DMZ / perimeter message hygiene solution you are currently using if you are not ready to implement Exchange Edge services. Edge IS going to be pretty darned cool, though.


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