Thursday, February 01, 2007

Exchange 2007 and Virtual Server support

This is from a larger post on Scott Schnoll's blog. A lot of people are asking about Exchange 2007 and virtualization support. Right now, it is not supported. Here is Scott's posting on that topic:

Exchange 2007 and Virtualization
Speaking of virtual environments and production environments be aware that it will be quite some time before Exchange 2007 is supported in production in a virtual environment. Virtual server support for Exchange Server 2007 is only supported in production using the 64-bit version, and neither Microsoft Virtual Server nor Microsoft Virtual PC support 64-bit guest systems. Our first 64-bit guest support will come with Hypervisor, which is coming for Longhorn within 180 days of Longhorn's release (note that is within 180 days, meaning, it could ship the same day as Longhorn, or it could ship 180 days after Longhorn ships). Exchange 2007 does not yet support Longhorn server (nor does it support Longhorn directory servers, so AD sites with Longhorn directory servers need to be isolated from AD sites that include Exchange 2007 servers). Support for Longhorn will arrive in a service pack (most likely SP1) for Exchange 2007. In summary, there won't be virtualization support for Exchange 2007 in production for some time.



At 11:52 AM, Blogger Mark Arnold said...

Not strictly true with the support arrangements though. Microsoft may well not be doing the actual support but if you implement Exchange 2007 with VMware and have the necessary support arrangements in place you will be supported by your vendor and/or VMware.
It adds to the complexity and at the end of the day you might need to reproduce the problem (if possible) on physical but that's the same condition that Microsoft currently have for 2003 on a virtualisation solution.


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