Sunday, November 11, 2007

Xerox site for sending cards to troops overseas

Xerox has put together a site that allows you to send a thank you card to U.S. military personnel overseas. I have known a number of men and women that have been in Iraq and Afghanistan and I can tell you that this type of gesture is greatly appreciated. Even if you don't agree with the troops being there, keep in mind that these men and women are following orders. Most of the military men and women I know don't agree with "the war" now, but they follow the orders they have been given; they do believe that our politicians have made a mess and that we should try and fix it if possible. Send your anti-war cards and letters to your congressional reps and the president and tell your elected officials what a mess they have made. But let the uniformed men and women know you support them. I checked this out on Snopes, by the way, it is for real.