Sunday, August 17, 2008

eXclaimer's AD Pictures utility

This past summer, my company released new versions of Directory Update, Directory Search, and Directory Manager that allow you to update not only textual information in the Active Directory (or view it in the case of Directory Search), but also the ability to upload pictures in to the Active Directory. By default, we read the picture, re-size it based on the admin's size specifications in the XML file, and the upload it in to the user's jpegPhoto attribute. Yes, this DOES get uploaded in to your Active Directory database and replicated to all of the domain controllers in the forest. Depending on the original size and quality, we see each photo taking up between 10KB and 50KB per user.

During our testing, I stumbled across a great utility to do this from the eXclaimer folks; these are the people that make the e-mail message signature software. The software is called AD Pictures and it is quite cool. It allows you to import and export pictures from users as well as perform bulk operations. While this kinda competes with your product, it is a very cool solution if all you need to do is upload photos.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger sabo-fx said...


We currently synchronize Iphones and WM6 devices with our Exchange 2007 environment.

Whenever I receive an incoming phone call, a picture (if added to my personal contacts in Outlook) is displayed on my mobile device.
But I would like to have a picture displayed also when I receive a call from someone in our Global Address List.
Bandwidth is not an issue. We have gigabit between our offices and flat fee UMTS subscription on all corporate phones.

If I understand correctly, it's possible to add a picture to our users in Active Directory. (although I've yet to find a way to script this)
Then why is it that I cannot use this data with Outlook/Exchange?

Can someone tell me if this is possible? Is there any third party tool with which I can administrate this centrally?

Thank you in advance,
Joost Kuin
Mail me: joost.kuin(at)


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