Saturday, December 07, 2013

Convert user mailbox to linked mailbox in Exchange 2010

A few weeks ago, someone enabled the user accounts for a bunch of our Exchange 2010 linked mailboxes.  One of the workflows in our FIM system saw this as an indication that they should be user mailboxes rather linked mailboxes and thus converted them all from linked mailboxes to user mailboxes.

I did a bit of research and was somewhat heartbroken to find this TechNet article

This article implied that converting user mailboxes back to linked mailboxes was not possible using the EMC. 

After a bit more research and an email from Jason Sherry, I fortunately found out this article is wrong.  (I'm hoping Microsoft updates this.)

It is pretty simple to convert a user mailbox with E2K10 SP2 or E2K10 SP3 back to a linked mailbox.

Set-User <userID> -LinkedMasterAccount  AccountDomain\UserID  -LinkedDomainController AccountDomainControllerFQDN

Here is an example:

Set-User jim -LinkedMasterAccount Contoso\Jmcbee -LinkedDomainController dc01.contoso.local



At 5:32 PM, Blogger The Exchange Guy said...

I believe the article is correct when it says you can't convert user mailboxes to linked mailboxes from the EMC. You have to do it from the shell (EMS), which your example (and theirs) clearly demonstrates. You just accomplish it in a different manner than the one they used in the technet article. Yours does it without disconnecting the mailbox, which I find extremely interesting, and intend to try for myself come Monday morning. I've been converting mine using Microsoft's method for years now, which can be time consuming.



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