Monday, October 31, 2005

Exchange Server 2003 24seven errata

On page 39-40 and page 99 of the Exchange Server 2003 24seven book, I claimed that you can copy the EXCHMEM.DLL, ESCPRINT.DLL, ADDRESS.DLL, and MAILDSMX.DLLs in to the \windows\system32 folder, register them, and that would provide the Exchange specific property pages for Active Directory Users and Computers. While this was a neat trick in Exchange 2000, it does not work with the Exchange 2003 DLLs.

This is very embarassing because I pride myself on testing everything that I write. This procedure does NOT work with the E2K3 DLLs and this was an oversite on my part that it made it in to the book. Even when just Exchange System Manager is installed, it installs the Microsoft Exchange Managment service. For these DLLs to be registered, that service must be installed. I have not found a short-cut or workaround. So, you must install all of the Exchange management tools using Exchange setup even if you only need the ADUC property pages and not the Exchange System Manager. Sorry for the bogus info. If I find a work-around, I'll post it here.

Page 373 includes a reference to Veranda by Tally Systems. Tally is no longer in business, they have been assimilated by Novell. It appears that Veranda is no longer being marketed. While I'm no crazy about putting links in to a book, often that is the best way to convey information. Unfortunately, this is the reason I'm not crazy about URLs in computer books; things change too quickly!

Thanks to a diligent Steven S. for pointing these errors out to me.


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