Thursday, February 16, 2006

Exchange Connections 2006 - Florida and France

Currently, I am working on a full-day session for the Exchange Connections conferences in Orlando (April 13) and in France (Nice) on April 24. The session is called Security for Exchange: Assessment, Auditing, and Hardening

As I have started adding content to this session, I realized that I'm pretty much putting together an outline of how I do a Exchange Server Security Audit for which I normally charge a minimum of $4,000 (well, THAT includes a final report, too). There should still be spaces available for both the session in Nice and in Orlando. Topics include:

  • Best practices for Exchange administration with security and stability in mind
  • How to implement auditing of Exchange to learn the most about typical activities and to diagnose potential intrusions.
  • The Exchange antivirus API, virus detection methodologies, multi-layer virus detection, and some common approaches to preventing viruses from disrupting a user’s daily routine.
  • Real-world solutions for fighting spam including multiple approaches to content inspection, spam detection, and preventing false positives. Approaches such as white-listing, grey listing, black-listing, sender address verification technologies, Sender Id (SPF), and Domain Keys will be covered.
  • Using a Managed Provider for inbound SMTP message hygiene.
  • Discuss the top antivirus and anti-spam 3rd party and Microsoft solutions on the market and the pros and cons of each.
  • How to most securely provide Exchange services to users outside of your corporate network whether they use the Outlook client, Outlook Web Access, mobile devices, or a POP3/IMAP4 client.
  • Understanding PKI and S/MIME for providing end-to-end protection of e-mail content.
  • Examining Enterprise Rights Management for use with messaging systems.
  • Best practices for Exchange server security and message hygiene

I am working on a series of checklists that will make this process easy to go back to your own servers and confirm that you are following best practices.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Ravendog said...

Not a follower of blogs, but found you blog very very good, I've been working with messaging for over 10 years, ccmail, lotus,exhange before outlook, with DMS and PKI security. I now have your blog saved to my favorites and hope to continue to track your thoughts and reviews.

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