Saturday, April 23, 2005

New Time Zone system tray tool for Windows

Microsoft has a really spiffy tool for Windows XP (and I'm using it on Windows 2003 Server, too) called Time Zone. Simply install it, (it needs to be launched the first time), then set your 5 favorite time zones. If you want to see the time in of your preferred locations, click the Time Zone icon in the system tray (notification area) and up pops the time and date in your previously specified locations.
Microsoft Time Zone thingy

Thanks to my bud Roberry C. for turning me on to this. This is really useful for those of us that work with folks in multiple time zones. (Now! Those of you that have called me at 3:00AM and said "Gee, I thought it was the AFTERNOON there", you have NO excuse! :-)


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