Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Microsoft releases "Best Practices for Public Folders" tech document

For some people (myself included), often public folders are almost a mystery. I understand some of the replication and hierarchy gizmos that are going on in the background, and other times I'm really perplexed. Microsoft has changed a few of the details of how public folder replication and hierarchy replication works in Exchange 2003, also. One of the nicest changes is that the administrator can now "force" replication.

Anywho, today Microsoft published the Best Practices for Public Folders technical document. Some of the useful tidbits in this document includes understanding referrals, troubleshooting, the "why use a public folders", and "is public folders the right solution." While a lot of folks believe that Sharepoint will eventually replace most public folder applications (and I partially agree), there will always be a place in most organizations for public folders.


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