Friday, June 02, 2006

McBee - Exchange Connections slide decks

I'm finally getting around to posting my slide decks from the Exchange Connections shows in Orlando and Nice. Paul Robichaux beat me to this by about 7 weeks. Thanks to everyone that attended my sessions and all the great feedback. The sessions were fun and I especially enjoyed the "Your Top Questions Answered" session; that gave me an opportunity to just do a brain dump on things I have learned about Exchange. I hope to put one of these together on Exchange 2007 at some point. The High Availability Without Clustering is a rehash of similar sessions I have done over the years, but it continues to be popular and I get good reviews for it, so I'm very glad it is valuable to the attendees.

- Anatomy of a Disaster Recovery
- Exchange 2003: Best Practices Day to Day
- Achieving High Availability Without Clustering
- Exchange 2003: Your Top Questions Answered

Yes, the all-day Security, Hardening, and Assesment session is missing from the above links. I'm presenting that one again at the Exchange Connections Conference in Las Vegas, so I did not want to put it up. If you attended that full-day session and want the slide deck, send me an e-mail.

Thanks again to everyone that attended and that I got to meet.


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