Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Does my hardware support Windows 2003 x64 and Exchange 2007?

I have been looking for an easy answer to the question of "can my existing hardware support Exchange 2007?" I have been telling people to confirm their exact server models with their vendors. That is probably still good advice, but I found a neat piece of software called CPU-Z (thanks to Jeff C. at LRS for telling me about it!).

In the graphic you see here in this posting, this is an AMD Opteron processor. Notice the Instructions line that it includes x86-64 as supported instruction sets. Intel CPUs will have the text EM64T if they support the x64 architecture.

Please note that if you are lucky enough to have some IA-64 processors in your organization, those do NOT support Exchange 2007. Well, I guess you are not lucky if you have thos, but they are a nice processor.


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