Sunday, July 24, 2011

GAL sync on a budget - Thanks Quest and Tony Murray

I was very dismayed to find that Microsoft has discontinued support for the old Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP) tool that was a subset of their Microsoft Identity Integration Server. This tool was "free" and allowed you to do a reasonably easy directory sync between 2 Active Directory forests (User -> Mail-enabled Contact.)   I say "reasonably easy" because compared to a full blown install of MIIS, it was easier but still not simple. 

The folks at Quest have once again recognized a hole in the market and have provided a free tool.  Active Directory MVP Tony Murray has written a couple of good articles on using this tool.   See:

GAL Sync with Quest Quick Connect Express for Active Directory 

Quest ActiveRoles Quick Connect Express: GAL Sync Step-by-step Guide 

Remember, both the tool and the articles are "free" so support is roughly going to be "you get what you paid for", but both Tony and Brian Desmond (Active Directory MVP) say it does what it is supposed to do.