Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Amazon EC2 instance problem: not accessible from the network

I had my first issue with Amazon EC2 this week.  I rebooted a Windows Server EC2 micro instance and when it came back up, it was no longer accessible via RDP.  I tried stopping it and starting it several times with no success.   I found these instructions to fix the problem.

1.   Stop your instance through the AWS console

3.   Right click the instance in the management console, select change instance type such as C3.*, R3.*, or I2.*  (This upgrades the instance to a different network platform.  The public IP address will probably also change.)

4.  Start the instance.

5.   When the instance passes health check, RDP to the instance.

7.   Uninstall the AWS PV Driver Version 7.2.0 via "Programs and Features.”

8.  Reboot the machine when prompted by the uninstaller.

10.  Reboot when prompted by the installer.

11.  Run the script from step 6 again. This will ensure that this issue is corrected ongoing.

12.  Stop the instance and change the instance type to your previous instance.


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