Friday, September 03, 2004

Book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I just finished Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was a pretty good book; definitely one of the more interesting books I have head in the past couple of years. Chronologically, this book takes place before Brown's runaway best seller, The Da Vinci Code (which they are making a movie from starring Russell Crowe as Robert Langdon).

The book starts at CERN in Switzerland, but ends up at the Vatican in Rome. This book presents the Catholic churgh in a much better light than The Da Vinci Code. Since I am not Catholic, I found much of the information about the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the Vatican archives, and St. Peter's Basilica fairly fascinating. Until I started reading Brown's books, I had little interest little interest in Europe or the history of the Catholic Church. Now I would like to take a vacation to Italy someday and actually see some of these things

Dan Brown has his own web site if you want to learn more about the 'secrets' of his books.


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