Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Clusters and SAN disk labels

Today I was working on an Exchange 2003 cluster build and learned a neat new trick. Actually, we were not working on anything related to Exchange, but rather prepping Windows and the SAN drive letters. My buddy Aran Hoffmann creates a text file in the root of each SAN disk and/or mount point that has in its name the drive letter of the disk.

For example, when he creates the G:\ drive, he creates a text file in the root of that disk called G_Drive.txt. If he creates a mount point on the G:\ drive for the LOGS, in the G:\LOGS folder, he creates a file called G_LOGS.txt. This makes it very easy to verify the disks are all assigned the correct drive letters on the other nodes of the cluster! I was surprised how easy this made it once we went to the other nodes of the cluster to start configuring/checking their SAN disks.


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