Sunday, March 12, 2006

Purging SMTP or HTTP protocol logs

As anyone that has ever worked with me will attest, I like logging. Windows auditing, Exchange Diagnostics Logging, and Protocol Logging. I guess this comes from being the guy that helps set things up and troubleshoot them, but never being around for the performance problems or log management issues. :-) Setting up any type of logging (especially on Exchange) is a balance between logging the information you need and not hurting performance.

I tend to like to have SMTP and HTTP protocol logging enabled on my front-end / bridgehead servers for both troubleshooting as well as trend analysis. The problem with these logs is that they do not purge automatically. I found a script that will purge these logs if they are older than 30 days. The script is completely customizable, so you can specify alternate directories and a different maximum range if you want. I usually set these up and schedule a job to run these nightly.

To download these scripts, click here. These are provided without support.


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