Saturday, July 01, 2006

Exchange 2007 - Beta 2 - It's coming to a download site near you soon

Grüezi und Guten Tag from Zurich! I'm on my third trip to Europe for the year. I have grown really fond of Europe, the nice people, diverse languages, the beautiful landscape, and colorful cities. The people I have met and worked with here have just been awesome.

Anyway, on to business. Beta 2 of Exchange 2007 will probably be released sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks. It will be reasonably "feature complete", but it is STILL BETA software and things are subject to change. So, don't hold Microsoft (or me!) accountable in case things change. Once Beta 2 is released, I'm going to consider my NDA with respect to the features, functions, etc... of Beta 1 to be invalid. (I always take NDAs I sign seriously, so I won't blog or talk about something for which I have agreed (even verbally) to an NDA. However, everyone will be able to get their hands on Beta 2 and will be able to see for themselves.

I encourage everyone that is interested in Exchange 2007 to go ahead and get signed up for the Beta 2 and be prepared to download and do some testing. Even if you just do testing with the 32-bit testing/demo/lab version and use virtual machines. Get to know the new product. If there are things that you feel are lacking, let your local Microsoft representatives know about it; especially the local technical people. Microsoft does listen to their customers.


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Sulaiman said...

Hi Jim

Thanx for a great roadshow on Exchange 2007.

can you please advise where the presentations can be downloaded from.



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