Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh little Move-Mailbox -ConfigurationOnly switch, we hardly knew ye

Exchange Server 2010 does away with the Move-Mailbox cmdlet; it is now replaced with the New-MoveRequest cmdlet and the Exchange Mailbox Replication service on the Client Access server role.

However, a handy switch is also gone. With Move-Mailbox, you could move a mailbox to another mailbox database without actually moving the data if you used the -ConfigurationOnly switch. Of course, you would almost never want to use this cmdlet unless the source database was completely toasted.

In Exchange 2010, to replicate this, you must use the Set-Mailbox cmdlet with the -Database option. This is a very powerful and potentially very destructive cmdlet so be careful with it. If you want to move all of the users whose mailbox is on MBX-001 to MBX-003 without moving the data, you would issue the following commands:

Get-Mailbox -Database MBX-001 | Set-Mailbox MBX-003



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