Friday, June 02, 2006

Battlestar Galatica - Most Excellent

I'm not a big TV fan, though I do tend to park in front of it and channel surf, but there is nothing I go out of my way to watch. Or even record on the DVR. I rarely find anything worth the effort to record. Friends was good. E.R. is good. Law and Order (the original) is good. Yet I never DVR'ed any of these. Firefly was GREAT, but I discovered it long after Fox had cancelled it.

BUT Battlestar Galatica is by far one of the most complex and excellent pieces of television I have ever seen. The characters are complex and usually likeable. I especially like
Adama, Boomer, and Laura Roslin. I just finished watching all the DVDs I have (up through half-way through Season 2) and I'm so impressed. After each episode I feel emotionally drained like I have been through some of the same things that the characters have.

If you even have a slight leaning towards liking a show like this, you need to buy / rent / watch the DVDs starting with the original miniseries. Even one my housemates, the Ann Taylor wearing, BMW driving, fashionable Thai babe has gotten completely hooked on it.


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