Friday, February 23, 2007

E2K7 SP1 "official post"

Okay, I guess it is NOW official that the Exchange 2007 SP1 features can be discussed. Terry Myerson posted some information on the E2K7 SP1 release. First, it will probably be released in beta sometime around Arpil and be available sometime in the second half of 2007. Here are some improvements:
  • Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) is similar to cluster continuous replication (CCR) except that it replicates to a non-clustered server in a remote data center.
  • New mobility policies include enforcing encryption of main memory of mobile devies, specifying which applications can be run on a mobile device, disabling certain mobile device network interfaces (WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared), and ability to disable features on the device such as MMS, SMS, POP/IMAP, and cameras.
  • Outlook Web Access 2007 SP1 will include personal distribution lists, S/MIME, and rules editing, monthly calendar view, and deleted items recovery. Public folders are also supposed to be accessible via web services.
  • The Exchange Management Console will include public folder configuration, SendAs permission assignment, and POP3/IMAP4 configuration management.
  • IPv6 will be supported on Longhorn server.
  • The Move-Mailbox wizard will support moving data in and out of PST files. No word on whether it will be a >2GB capable PST or not.



At 1:23 AM, Blogger Pine Tree said...

How is log shipping done? I understand the passive note pulls the logs asynchronously. What happens if the logs getting built up faster than the passive node can pull copy them for peak hours? Say, because the bandwidth became not enough or there are more logs being created due to the various reasons, e.g. combination of more emails and bigger attachments.

At 1:45 AM, Blogger Pine Tree said...

I understad Active/Passive CCR node sites can be configured with hot/hot HT and CAS servers across two sites. But Microsoft says to link the two sites with GE ports because HT & CAS servers are designed to act in load balancing manner.
(1) How much bandwidth does this hot/hot high availability CCR sites actually need? It will be over same subnet stretch VLAN with sinble AD site across. Mailbox, HT and CAS servers will be 100%/100% numbers across. I was told minimum 1xGE, but no detail reason was given.
(2) What is going to happen if the link is 'slow', say, fast enough to get the log shippings can be done, but not fast enough to feel as same speed as within local site, i.e. definitely slower than GE port speed. Would it make 'local' HT and CAS to respond rather than the ones over the other location? If so, would it help to achieve automatic fail over as well as minimize the bandwidth investment on the link?
(3) Though I assumed they would 'respond' above... how multiple HT and multiple CAS servers across two sites will get picked up when email is to be delivered? Would they simply round robin, or is it by some other ways?



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