Sunday, April 01, 2007

New York City planning "ring tone" law

Did I hear correctly? Or was it the jet lag? April Fools Day? I was driving in from the Orlando airport at O-God thirty this morning and was listening to the news. Apparently, New York City is considering a law that would prevent any ring tone on cell phones except "approved" ring tones. They have 4 approved ring tones at this point that they are considering.

Was this in bizarro world? Did I not hear this correctly? Or have we really reached the point that John Q. Public wants to legislate ring tones. Are we so fragile and helpless that we want the government create the ring tone police? Are we truly this intolerant?

Personally, I find ring tones annoying. But I would never in a million years dream of goverment legislated ring tones. If this is a joke, they really should not play them so early in the morning when I am groggy and jet-lagged. :-)



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