Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why doesn't Apple rule the world? Or at least the home desktop

I'm traveling this week; one of my friends works for Apple. So naturally I'm getting an earful of propaganda. I also got a very slick demo of a few very cool things in in Apple OS 10 and the Leopard update to OS 10.

Against my better judgement, I started watching Steve Job's keynote from Macworld last week. Naturally, I appreciate watching a good and engaging speaker. Jobs is both. He is no Dick Hardt, but he is good. But the demos were slick, the iPhone is darned slick, the new iTunes movie rental stuff is very cool, AND I'm ready to buy an Apple TV box when I get home.

So, why does Apple not rule home desktop? I haven't a clue. Other than to venture a guess that many users want to use at home what they use at work. Apple, nice job on the products. When ActiveSync for the iPhone ships, I'm gonna be all over it! Even if it means, gulp, switching to AT&T.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger  said...

You have a extremely interesting blog, Jim.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Jonathan Merrill said...

Apple's arrogance is why.

When I can run Apple OS on my Dell Optiplex GX 755, then we may have something there.

I refuse to purchase a Mac at two times the cost.

And have you seen Apple Server? OMG, is it bad.

Apple has a lot to learn still. The can begin by getting out of the hardware business (which has never netted them the profits that equal to the OS/Apps they sell).


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Jim McBee said...

I agree that Apple is a bit arrogant. But what large technology company is not? Oracle? Sun? Microsoft? Google?

I am not necessarily defending Apple's arrogance in the face of letting their OS be installed on other hardware vendor's equipment.

However, I understand why they do it. I have often said that we would be better off (from a stability perspective) if Microsoft sold their own hardware. When a vendor can closely control the interaction between the hardware and the software, you naturally end up with fewer bugs. Of course, you end up with a monopoly, too.

When any vendor can write software that "works" with any hardware, you end up with my HP multifunction scanner/faxer/printer/thingy. Don't ask. If I glance in it's direction, it crashes either the hardware or the software app on my computer. :-)

At 3:54 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Apple doesn't rule the desktop because "they" "hate" their users.

Apple incorporates more DRM at a lower level than anyone else in the industry.

Don't get me wrong, I too an wow'd by their products. they are very slick. I will remain a pc user though as I still much prefer function over form and Apple is if nothing else a very form over function company.

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Jeff (no, the other one) said...

I'm a Mac user since the Plus.

I'm a PC user since Windows 3.1.

Tools are tools. It's all about the skill of the user to actually accomplish something. Or in my case, to hand-hold my users until they can function, then keep learning on their own.

Attitudes from both sides don't help either one make their case, as if it needed making.

Migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2007 very soon, Jim -- I expect to be back to your blog again... Thanks.

At 4:29 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

The reason why mac doesnt rule the desktop is there screens and computers are integrated. People and businesses do not want to buy a new screen every time they want a new computer.

once apple figures that out, then PC makers are in trouble.

Additionally Apply markets its self as a "cool" product and even markets PC as a work machine.


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