Sunday, May 11, 2008

Xobni Analytics and ClearContext IMS

Over the last few weeks, some interesting beta software has gotten the attention of Exchange and Outlook folks. These are snap-ins to Outlook that help you to analyze and organize your e-mail. The first of these is Xobni Analytics (shown in the graphic). If people wonder why it takes so long for you respond to their e-mails, well you can show them this.....

The other tool is called ClearContext IMS which helps you to better organize and categorize your e-mail plus helps you to see what e-mail senders have sent to you and the relationships between e-mail senders.

Both of these tools are pretty interesting, but I will warn you that Outlook will quickly begin consuming 150MB+ of RAM on your computer. Aaaahhhh, I can remember when you had to carry around 150MB of RAM with a foklift!


At 10:53 AM, Blogger bmeador said...

Thanks for the mention, Jim. FYI - we've got a new release in the works. Details on it and our beta program are here:

Have a good week,

Brad Meador


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