Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Windows IT Pro Web Seminar: Managing and Reducing Planned Downtime

On November 16 at 2:00pm EST, I am participating in a web cast sponsored by Windows IT Pro magazine and XOsoft. The topic is Managing and Reducing Planned Downtime; my specific focus for my part will be on the reasons for planning scheduled downtime for Exchange, choosing a downtime window, and how much time you need for your downtime window. Topics include:
  • Why you need a scheduled downtime window
  • About scheduling downtime to prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Which types of activities should be included in scheduled downtime
  • What questions you should ask when choosing a downtime window
  • About the non-technical tasks involved in scheduled downtime
  • How to decide what your sensitivity is to downtime based on your availability requirements
  • About products and services that can reduce or minimize downtime while still providing the ability to do required maintenance

You can register for this web seminar on Windows IT Pro's Web Seminars page. I hope you will attend.


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