Thursday, August 03, 2006

Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA) released

Microsoft released yesterday the first version of their Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA). This new tool is a union of Exchange Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer (ExPTA), Exchange Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA), and a new development we called Exchange Mail Flow Analyzer (ExMFA). Now you can troubleshoot performance, database and also mail flow problems just with ExTRA. Upon starting the tool, you will be presented with a list of symptoms you would like to troubleshoot so the user interface is very intuitive.

Check out the Exchange Team's blog entry on this. The troubleshooting functionality in ExTRA for performance and database issues are the latest (contains post 1.1. ExPTA and ExDRA) and mail flow troubleshooting functionality is brand new to tackle major issues such as no or slow deliveries and queue back-ups. For more information, see also

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