Saturday, July 22, 2006

Slide decks for Get Ready events in Europe

If you were an attendee at the Munich, Oslo, or Johannesburg "Get Ready for Exchange 2007 and Office 2007" events, first thanks for attending and thanks for the hospitality while I was visiting. Second, a number of people had wanted the PowerPoint slide decks for the presentations. I cannot post these myself since they are the property of Penton Media, but they are available on Penton's site. Each event has a different URL and the URL for your event can be found on the inside back page of the program guide that you received at the event; again, I can't post them here, sorry.

The slide decks that were posted originally are a little out of date and did not contain some of the exampls such as the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) cmdlets I used. Penton should be updating these sometime next week (give them until the end of the week to get these updated). So, please check back with that URL if you don't get the updated slides!

Again, thanks much for attending the Get Ready events. Keep an eye out for future events in September in Istanbul, Dubai, and Amsterdam. More cities may be announced in the near future, too!


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