Saturday, July 22, 2006

Exchange 2007 Beta 2 in production - DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!

Exchange 2007 Beta 2 should be out in the next week or two. There is already chatter in the newsgroups and people that like to be early adopters. "How do I put Exchange 2007 in to my production" network." The answer is "You don't". At least not without being on Microsoft's RDP program (not just signing up for the Beta).

It is Beta software. If you pooch up your production users and call Microsoft, you may get a sympathetic ear, but no support. If you post questions the newsgroups or public Web forums, you might get some support and you might not.

Build yourself a lab. Set yourself up a mailbox or two for yourself and your co-workers, but do NOT integrate it in to your production enviroment. Keep Exchange 2007 segregated from your production system.

Am I being clear?


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